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Place our one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in your shop and stand out from the crowd.

Our range of Ocean themed sterling silver jewelry is unique.

Designed and made in Cape Town, South Africa.
Making use of local manufacturers, suppliers, and artisans as far as possible, is important to us.
All our jewelry pieces are Sterling Silver.

Our Products

Current Range of Marine Animals


The Marine animals featured in our range can be found along the coast of Southern Africa as well as in other parts of the world. Giving you a range of options for your specific area.

Design of pieces:

These are flat pendants. Each pendant is finished off by hand with some slight details.

Current Range - Marine Animals jewelry

Current Range of Nudibranchs


The nudibranchs featured in our range are from the Cape Peninsula region all along the coast of South Africa up to Mozambique. Giving you a range of options for your specific area.

Design of pieces:

These are three-dimensional nudibranch pendants. Each pendant is finished off by hand and oxidized, a process that gives each pendant a unique look with dark or color patches.

Current range - nudibranchs jewelry

Current Range of Earrings

Marine Animal & Nudibranch Earrings

The earrings are mini versions of the pendants, they are half the size of the pendants. They are sold in pairs or individually to dealers to allow your customers to mix & match.  Available as dangle earrings or as stud earrings.

*Note: Not all the pendants are available as earrings.

Current range - earrings

Current Range of Rings


The size of the rings are adjustable and will fit most people. Special sizes (very large or very small) can be made to order.

Current range - rings

Why this is a great option for you

With a keen eye, we pay close attention to detail. Expanding our range of products regularly, giving each individual something unique. Our responsive team ensures that you get the best of Ocean Tide.

A great perk to being a dealer is that new silver jewelry pieces can be designed according to your specific area's marine life on request. We also supply display stands to show off the jewelry in your shop in the best possible way.


Making your life easier:

Every jewelry piece has beautiful and eco friendly packaging included with your order. Ready to ship, or to sell to customers that buys in your shop.
The packaging includes care instructions as well as an informative leaflet to educate customers about the marine animal they bought.

Display Options

Making your life easier:
We have carefully selected beautiful display options for your shop. Offering a range of display items that can be placed in your own display case or buy a display case from us. This helps provide security as well as a dust free display.
The jewelry pieces are placed in a glass bottle with a info leaflet inside describing the marine animal. The bottles can then easily be packed inside your display. We also provide special earring and ring stands.

Current Ocean Tide Dealers