About Ocean Tide

We are an ocean-minded team, avid scuba and free divers who enjoy sharing our love for the ocean. This brand was born from a desire to be able to contribute more to conservation and to support local businesses, being a proudly South African business ourselves. We pride ourselves in our African heritage and incorporate that into our products.

Ocean Tide gives back

We created a platform where young adults get to learn how to operate in the structure of a modern business and enhance their skill set. Creating opportunities for and training young entrepreneurs.

Making use of local manufacturers, suppliers and artisans are important to us.


We realize that conservation starts with raising awareness as well as education. For this reason, we started this new exciting brand. It's not just about supplying amazingly awesome products but getting people to fall in love with the ocean and all the magnificent creatures therein.

We understand the importance of scientific research and contribute to great local research projects financially as well as with hands-on volunteering.

Getting people to realize that if they do their bit, every bit contributes to a lot. By using conservation-conscious products, reducing your plastic use, and becoming involved in community projects such as clean-ups.

With you, our customer in mind

With a keen eye, we pay close attention to detail. Expanding our range of products regularly, giving each individual something unique. Our management team ensures that you get the best of Ocean Tide.

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Ocean Tide. For the Salty at Heart.